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Ordinary people moving together toward extraordinary living through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

New to First Baptist?

Awesome! If you're visiting Boise or looking for a new place to worship, we're excited to have you! You probably have some questions.

What to Expect

What, where, when, why? All great questions. We have some answers that should help you. We want you to be comfortable and feel welcome.
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God Stories

Jesus changes lives, and those of us who follow Him have experienced that in one way or another. We all have a story.

Share Your God Story

Has Jesus changed your life. See how He has changed many of our lives and share your own story with us.

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Current Sermon Series

this Christmas, we are going to talk about the times in our lives when we have to pass through or even live in a charred wilderness. Hopefully, these are short seasons in our lives. Seasons of hardship and pain. Nothing seems green. Water is scarce. Hope is hard to find.

Jesus, Hope in Our Wilderness

The good news is that many if not most of the Bible characters experienced the same feelings (before there was a Christmas there was, of course, ‘holy days’ for God’s people). Yet, in it all there was HOPE!

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