Our History

The heritage of First Baptist Church began over 150 years ago. The first service was held on September 10, 1864, in the town’s schoolhouse. Boise itself had a population of just 500 and was little more than a village of simple cabins, tents and shanties.

Growing with the town of Boise, First Baptist Church soon required a larger facility. In 1892, the church moved to Tenth and Jefferson Streets and completed a new building. This impressive structure served the church and its needs until 1948. After fifty-six years at Tenth and Jefferson the church moved to its present location on the corner of Thirteenth and Washington.

But the church has impacted more than just the Boise skyline with its bell tower and steeple. It has also had an impact on the community at large. First Baptist has planted or sponsored six churches in this area and given support to many others. Mission projects both at home and abroad have consistently been the heartbeat of First Baptist Church.

The heritage of First Baptist Church is rich and full. But the ultimate value of this ministry cannot be measured by buildings or numbers. Rather, it’s the lives that have been touched and changed through the love of the Savior for over one hundred and forty years.

Our Part in God's Mission

God has planted us in Boise, ID to help ordinary people move together toward extraordinary living through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Extraordinary living can be defined in many different ways, but we define it by three pursuits:

Pursuing intimacy with God - John 15:1-17, Matthew 6:33

First and foremost, we were created to be in relationship with God. Through the work of the cross, He is pursuing us and inviting us to engage Him in a genuine, life changing relationship.  He desires us to pursue Him with the same passion He pursued us.  It is here that we will lay the foundation to live the extraordinary life he promised.  John 10:10


Pursuing community with believers - Hebrews 10:24-25

God created us to live in community.  Life cannot be fully experienced outside of authentic, transformational and missional community.  While the extraordinary begins with our relationship with Jesus Christ, it is enhanced and deepened through our choosing to do life together with others who are on a journey in their relationship with Christ. 

Pursuing influence with our neighbors - Matthew 28:19-20, Luke 10:25-37

The extraordinary life is discovered when we live for and have the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.  This is why God has invited us to join Him in his mission of reconciliation and redemption.  By seeking to love our neighbors as the good Samaritan did, we will find opportunity to meet real needs and share the truth of God’s love.

What we Value

Because we seek to live and invite others to live the extraordinary lives through a relationship with Jesus we value:

"living Sent"

We believe that we are all called to live out the mission of God as missionaries where he has planted us by engaging all who we do life with, cross paths with or God allows us to meet.

Being Biblical & Relevant

God’s Word is our standard of truth.  We believe that life is found within its pages as well as direction on how to live the extraordinary life.  With that being said, we don’t want to compromise truth, but we want to engage our culture and present God’s truth in a very relevant way.

Engaging Others in Grace & Truth

We believe that God’s truth shouldn’t be compromised.  But we also desire to follow Jesus’ example and engage others in a grace-filled way allowing our community to experience the love of Jesus and begin to apply His truth in order to experience the extraordinary life He has for us.

Intergenerational Living

As a child of God, we believe in the family of God.  While we understand, appreciate and provide age specific ministry, we also believe that intergenerational living is a significant contributor to authentic discipleship.  So, like at a family reunion, we want to provide opportunities to be with others “like us” but come together around the dinner table to worship our Lord.