Small Group Questions // Week of Feb 18th, 2018

1.   What are you thankful for this week? What are you anxious about this week? How has God revealed himself to you this week?

2.   Read Hebrews 11:23-29. What about Moses’ story stands out to you the most? What about Moses’ faith made him so confident in his decisions? What about that confidence is appealing to you? How would this confidence affect you in the every day stuff of life?

3.   Consider vs. 23. Moses’ parents spoke the truth of who God says he was to Moses’. Why was this so foundational for Moses’ faith? Who is someone in your life God is calling you to speak the “beauty” of God’s purpose into their life? How can you do that this week?

4.   Read the verses attached to “next step” number 2 and 3. Why is it so important for us to know who God says we are and what he promises? How can these truths help us build our trust in God?

5.   As you consider the sermon and these passages, what is God asking you to obey this week?