Small Group Questions // Week of August 12th, 2018

1. Have someone read Luke 9:57-62 aloud.  In the notes, these three would-be disciples are called ‘wannabe disciples’.  How would you define a wannabe disciple?
It seems Jesus is asking if this man is ready to be homeless for the Gospel. What if Jesus asked us the same question; Am I ready to be homeless if Jesus asked me to be?  If God told you to go to Pocatello to work for His mission, would you do it?  Or, would you give some good sounding reason for staying in Boise?

2. Look at 1 Tim 5:8 and Matthew 15:1-6. How does God feel about taking care of your parents and your family?  
So, why do you think Jesus gave such a harsh answer to this man who wanted to bury his father?   

3. The last two wannabe disciples had “Yes, but…” answers for becoming ’all in’ discipleships. Look at the list of “yes, but…” items at the bottom of your notes.  Which ones have you heard or perhaps even used?  Which ones should be on the list that aren’t there?

4. Jesus would not have made it in sales; or, so it seems.  Three people came to Him and asked to become his follower. Yet, He seemed compelled to turn them away! What was He thinking? Why did He do this? And what can we learn from Him about sharing the gospel with others? Look over the bottom of your notes and discuss your own thoughts and applications for us as believers today.